Code of Conduct

Ask for dances politely AND accept/deny them politely
Some people are delighted to ask for a dance, while some might not be as confident. If you are asked to dance, be kind! Feel free to refuse, but please do it in a polite way. If you accept an invitation to dance the night (or song) away, walk to the dance floor together, and try to get to know your partner  by asking “Hey! What’s your name?”

Honor thy music
If a dance fits a song perfectly, then it will be like no other dance. Hit the breaks! Rise with the crescendos! And please show your respect for live music and for musicians by clapping after every song!

Dress appropriately
Sweaty shirts are quite normal, smelly shirts…gross. Take a change with you, just in case!

Floor skills
It is awesome to see swing dancers on the social floor! On a crowded dance floor, both leaders and followers have the responsibility to keep an eye on nearby dancers. Keep your steps under your own body and be aware of your arm placement. And most importantly, if you do bump into someone on the dance floor, be the splendid, magnanimous chap/chappess? who says sorry without reluctance.

Know your own social dancing availability
We would love for everybody to dance with each other, regardless of skill level. However, remember to listen to yourself. Dance with as many people as you can handle for that evening. We all feel differently every evening. Listen to your body and appreciate other people’s feelings and goals for the day.

Let us know if you have concerns!
We want everyone to be and feel safe at all of our events. If you are having a problem with someone, please let one of our crew members know. Triple Step Studios DOES NOT tolerate any form of racial, sexual, ethnic, gender-based, religious, or any other obscure method of discrimination. Violators may be warned or banned from future TSS events.