Join the TSS iCharleston Atlanta video project:

21st and 24th of November!

Atlanta swing dance community is amazing! We have fabulous, passionate, happy dancers, unique events and to top it all off, we get to enjoy all of it in this fantastic city. This is something worth sharing with the world, right?!

You can be part of the video project without learning a choreography, simple by dancing basic 20′ & 30′ Charleston basic steps with and without a partner, but there is also a small choregraphed section to the song. We’ve already begun to teach the choreography, but there’s still time to learn!

Here’s how it works: Click here for the Doodle link – fill out which time slots you are available. Because of the tight shooting, it is very important that you are NOT late. You are welcome to sign up for as many slots as you want! When you sign up, we will send out what location you will be at and more details within 24 hours of your sign up.

On the 21st you do not need to know any choreography – we’ll call out moves like 30’s charleston side by side, pancake, 20′ charleston basic etc.

On the 24th, this is for people who KNOW the choreography. If you haven’t seen it, check out our choreo videos one post down, or arrange a free practice session with Kati or Jess.

If you are in the vintage shoot on the evening of the 24th, this sign-up does not include that because we have the maximum number of dancers booked already. (Woo!)

What is iCharleston??

It is a super awesome international video project to showcase local talent and landmarks. Each major city has made/is making one!

We have a local puppeteer putting together a dope dancing creation, Hot Club of Atlanta wrote an original song, all dancers are local, and the filmmakers/script writers are all Atlanta locals.

Our video “plot” centers on a little girl who sees a video of dancers from the 20’s. She wants to dance, but her family is too into their phone/laptop screens. She finds an imaginary friend (puppet) who leads her and her family around the city to rediscover their love for jazz!

P.s Remember that Hot Club Atlanta plays in at our social dance the 24th of November at Garden Hills Community Center between 7-9pm. Check out the FB event here.

Here are the instruction videos!

Step by step:

From the back:

From the front:

In the end, we will have one amazing dance video with the swing dancers of Atlanta taking over the streets, parks, and most iconic landmarks.