Kati Arikoski-Johnson

Instructor at Balboa, Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, St. Louis Shag, Vernacular Jazz, 20′ & 30′ Charleston.
Training new instructors and Dj’s in Swing Dance

Kati is a classically trained pianist and piano teacher with additional experience in jazz on soprano saxophone. She started dancing when she was 3 years old with Finnish folk dances. In 2007 shortly after relocating to Copenhagen, Denmark, she found swing dances.  Four years later she began teaching and performing in lindy hop, balboa, 20’ Charleston and Vernacular jazz. Kati has been participating in and teaching many international workshops in regions including the Nordic countries, U.S.A., England, Spain, Hungary, France, Germany and the Netherlands. She moved to Atlanta in November 2017 and is looking forward to seeing you all on the dance floor. You can read more of Kati by clicking here.
Teaching Style
Kati likes to approach her dance teaching with an emphasis on musicality. When the dancer’s movements are tied to the music is when dance is at its best. The movements can be simple, if it fits it works. Thus, when teaching at all levels there is a strong emphasis on connecting the movements to the music.
Kati enjoys teaching various vernacular jazz routines, while also incorporating her own lindy and jazz steps. She encourages learning by looking, adapting spontaneously, and inspiring each other, all of which add to the development of a dancer. Jazz, while not a partner dance, remains a social dance; learn from your fellow dancers.