Kishore Devisetti

Instructor and Board Member

I was born in India in a small coastal city of 4 million people (I did say India!). My parents were pious & strict but also very loving & nurturing. Although there was tremendous pressure on me as a kid to excel in education, I also focused on extracurricular activities like dancing & karate (I’m a Black Belt holder, so beware). I learnt my first dance style, Kuchipudi (traditional dance of my state, Andhra Pradesh). I then learnt Bollywood dancing in my undergrad. Later when I moved to the US in 2008, I thought I could partner dance as I had experience in solo dancing but this was a totally different experience. I needed to dance and communicate with my partner and react to my partners subtle (or not so subtle…) cues, without stomping her (or his) feet and manage to not fall over in this process! I kept dancing (different styles) and honing my kinesthetic intelligence! I am greatly indebted to dancing not only because I love dancing (seriously, I’d go dancing every night of the week if possible) but also because I found my wife through dancing! I made so many beautiful friends dancing and I consider myself very fortunate to have so many wonderful experiences! Also, I am an engineer by the day. I am aspiring to get into the renewable energy/sustainability domain and save the planet!