Kishore Devisetti

Kishore took his first triple step 10 years ago, when he first moved to the USA. He has been exploring and teaching multiple styles of swing and Latin dances ever since! While living in India, he also learned Kuchipudi (a traditional Indian dance) and Bollywood. He has been dancing, performing & teaching Lindy Hop, Blues, West Coast swing, Bachata, and Salsa all over the US is very passionate about sharing his love for dancing to his students.

Since Kishore has practiced karate, yoga, and gymnastics for years, he exhibits well-developed body-mind coordination. He has learned to follow to gain a new perspective and better understating of leading.
As a teacher he has many qualities which help students understand the wonders of swing dancing. He demonstrates dancing concepts in verbal and non-verbal styles, and adapts his language to the students. When he teaches at Georgia Tech, he uses technical principles (like vectors and waveforms) to explain the physics of movement. He fine-tunes his teaching approach depending on dance style, experience of students, & class size. But you should be aware though, you might learn to count to 8 in Telugu while learning the new steps 🙂 .