St. Louis Shag

St. Louis shag is a swing dance that evolved from the Lindy Hop and Charleston

St. Louis Shag is a territory swing dance, which originated in St. Louis, Missouri in the 1930’s. The dance has a stationary 8-count basic that is commonly composed of triple-step, kick, triple-step, kick, but has other variations. The general speed of music is around 220-300 bpm and it is usually done to stompjump, and boogie-woogie music.

Here, instructors Kati and Conan demonstrate some basic steps.

St. Louis Shag has a lot of kicks and closed position patterns; some steps can be done apart as well as done together. Some patterns such as Kenny Kicks, and Kenny Flicks are named after a native St. Louis dancer Kenny Wetzel , who introduced the St. Louis Shag to Southern California over 50 years ago.