Triple Step Studios (TSS) offers classes in:

SUNDAY evening classes will be held at Garden Hills Community Center

Classes: from 6-7PM.

Social dances: from 7-9PM.

Holiday Hiatus

January 2020 in the South has awesome local events, like Brickyard Blues and Lollies and Lemonade, and we encourage you guys to support these events so hard, that we’ll have our regular rounds of classes and social dance starting in February 2020, at our home at Garden Hills! Have a happy New Year and brace yourselves for a slew of awesome 2020 event invites.

Directions how to find location:

Once you arrive, you’ll want to find the Garden Hills Community Center. If you’re looking at the pool, the Community Center is located on a short driveway towards the left, just past the playground. Follow the gravel driveway to the back, where you’ll find a small cabin with a porch. THAT’S US!! 🙂

If you have any questions about our classes, send an email to


Next series of classes offered by TSS:

Look out for our posts about February & March events, coming soon!!